Susanne Freidberg

Professor of Geography, Dartmouth College

As a geographer, my work spans the fields of political ecology, cultural economy and science and technology studies (STS). Much of my research has centered on the politics and cultural meanings of food provisioning, in and between different parts of the world. Although different projects have focused on different geographic regions and scales, one of my enduring interests lies in the expert knowledge that goes into both food itself and all the meanings that surround it. The experts I have tracked down in my fieldwork range from small-scale green bean export farmers in West Africa to lobster traders in Hong Kong, from French gardeners in the 18th century to Danish industrial ecologists in the 21st. Using multisite ethnography and sometimes archival work, I try to understand the social worlds they work in, the practical and ethical challenges they face, and how these influence the broader workings and politics of food supply.

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Dartmouth College

APRIL 26-27, 2019

Hanover Inn and Moore Hall in Hanover, New Hampshire.

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